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Happy Chinese New Year!

This is the year of the snake. So here’s Salma Hayek dancing with one. It’s great. She gets her toes sucked by Tarantino too.

And if you’re into astrology, my friends at darkstar do a great job at outlining this new years new moon here

Here’s an astrochart I made. I’ve thrown in some extra lil fun asteroids for shading:

astro chart chinese new year 2013




A Powerful New Moon in Scorpio


The Sabian symbol for this transformative New Moon is Scorpio 25: An X-Ray Photograph Helps With the Diagnosis

All New Moons plunge us into the dark Void from whence we can emerge anew bursting with the rising light of dawn. This one is the Mother of all Dark Moons as it is in Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth. This is the New Moon to peer deeply within our very core, even if we are afraid of what we may find. Facing up to the slumbering pain and feelings of doubt and fear, we can defeat them by Knowing them first. We can use this time for deep transformative healing and reformation, clearing away the dust of old to arise again with the renewed passion and purified vision of a future we are to seed.

Scorpio is also symbolized by the Phoenix which consumes itself in flames before emerging stronger and fiercer than before. A good way to fully utilize this powerful New Moon is through a ritual, especially one involving fire. Focus all the things you’d like to rid yourself off into an object such as a stick or write it all out on paper, then burn it.

May luck be with you on your Soul’s journey. Use this Time wisely…

New flags raised and views from above a flying carpet…

Happy Solstice! Hope you all enjoyed this magickal day and used the powerful energy of the Sun to rejuvenate your goals and dreams for the sizzling journey ahead as we move into the heat of summer!

The Sabian symbol for the Solstice Sun AND Venus this year is Cancer 1: On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one. A time of transition is at hand when new ideas replace the old and we are finally ready to move forward and display our new world view as we continue to travel to ever distant shores. This could manifest as changes and turning points in your relationships, career or dwelling as all fall under the influence of Venus. We will be giving up old allegiances and taking up new ones.

So go ahead, raise your new flag whether you are traveling by foot, VW bus or even a yellow submarine. Time to put away those old tattered ideas and unsustainable attachments and show our true colors, letting them wave in the wind!

Synchronizing with this is the new moon on the following day of June 22nd for which the Sabian symbol is Cancer 2: A Man on a Magic Carpet Observes Vast Vistas Below. The theme of travel is again emphasized. This new moon will be a time to observe from a higher vantage point the many worlds unfurling beneath our feet. It is a time of contemplation as we choose what distant lands we’d like to journey to.

burning man flying carpet

So, many blessings on the journey and may this summer be filled with plenty of mind-expanding adventures as we sail towards the New World we are all co-creating right NOW…

NOWruz, Annunciation and the Aries New Moon

Spring is finally here!!! NOWruz officially kicked off on the vernal equinox of March 20th, ushering in a 13 day period of new year festivities celebrated by those of Persian descent all over the world.

Nowruz or “New Day” is THE original new year as it signaled the rebirth of the earth after the death of winter. The origins of Nowruz predate all major religions and have its roots in Zoroastrianism, the worlds oldest religion.

Today is also the Feast of Annunciation which falls each year on my birthday. In Christianity, the Annunciation is the revelation to Mary by the angel Gabriel that she would conceive a child to be born the Son of God. The Son or S-U-N of God is another Christian tradition that has roots in Paganism. Those who are savvy in religious studies are aware that Emperor Constantine combined elements from both the Christian religion and the Pagan beliefs of the time to unite the people in a strategic political move.

We have all heard the story that after Jesus was crucified and dead in the tomb for three days, he arose anew. This is marked by the Sun’s “birthday” on Dec 25th after its lowest point in the sky where it was considered “dead” by the ancient sun worshipers. Therefore the Annunciation is really the announcement of the rebirth of the Sun.

Now the connection becomes clear between the Winter Solstice (birth of the Sun as it begins to grow in light) and the Annunciation on March 25, as it is exactly nine months earlier, nine months being the natural period of gestation of the baby in the womb. So hidden beneath the shroud of Catholicism is an event that actually celebrates the Vernal Equinox, when the buds of spring burst into bloom, just as Christmas is a celebration of the Winter Solstice, when the Sun ascends from darkness. This gnostic knowledge is the astrological key that opens the mind to a deeper understanding of the nature of religion and the religion of nature.

Today is the beginning of our salvation,
And the revelation of the eternal mystery!
The Son of God becomes the Son of the Virgin
As Gabriel announces the coming of Grace.
Together with him let us cry to the Theotokos:
“Rejoice, O Full of Grace, The Lord is with You!”Annunciation

Also, I’ve just recently discovered the world of Sabian symbols for astrology, which has a unique symbol for every degree of each astrological sign. On a more personal note, an interesting synchronicity I’ve found is that my rising sign and birthday which is March 25th synchronizes perfectly with the image of the dove in the Annunciation paintings. Sweet!

If you’d like to find your own Sabian symbols, you can look in your astrological chart and note the degrees of your sign in the major aspects of Sun, Moon and Ascendant. Remember to add one degree when looking up the Sabian symbol. So for example, if your Sun is at Aquarius 23 13′ then you would look at the Sabian symbol for 24. Here are mine:

Sun in Aries 5: A White Triangle is seen; it has Golden Wings.
Ascendant in Leo 22: A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.
Moon in Aquarius 12: A magnificent allegorical painting of life as a broad stairway with the landings various grades of life…

If you don’t have a chart, you can get a free one here:

Now, tomorrow is also a powerful new moon in Aries, a time for new beginnings! If you’ve been meaning to let go of anything from the past and embrace new changes, NOW is THE time to do it! Create a ritual, join the gym, improve your diet, start a new project, whatever it is you do will have the super charged Aries energy behind it so go on, JUST DO IT!

Every end is a new beginning,