Enter the Void

Just saw the film Enter the Void recently. Well, it kinda tripped me out.. Labeled a “psychedelic melodrama” by the director Gaspar Noé , it really does uhh pull you into “a void” of sorts. The storyline and character development is sorta sophomoric but that’s not what this film is about. The film lures you in like a nightmare does. What really stays with you is the visual experience and camera work which is certainly out to blow some minds. You get a feel of what it’s like to have an out of body experience and that’s certainly worth admission to visit “the void”. Visually oriented and kinetic, it’s a shame it totally flopped at the box office. Perhaps it just might become a cult film of sorts for all the weird ones staying up late into the night thinking about death and smoking DMT. If you’re up for a trip into the afterlife, have read the Tibetan Book of the Dead and want to see one artists interpretation of what happens when you die, then check it out. Just make sure to watch it real late into the night, alone..


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