Alexander McQueen and The Occult

March 17, 1969 – February 11, 2010

The news of McQueen’s death a few days ago hit me like a brick. He was my all time favorite designer and I owe so much of my earlier inspiration to him as a young art student. His style was one of a kind and always on the cutting edge. I fell in love with fashion because of his designs which were filled with epic drama and themes that went beyond just fashion. He was so much more than just a fashion designer but an artist in the highest sense of the word. He created a magickal world of fashion, symbols and mood which enveloped you entirely in his fantasy.

His death seemed to me highly strange, with too much synchronicity to be dismissed as a normal suicide. They count the numbers by 11s after all. I feel his death was a ritual sacrifice symbolized by the archetype of the Hanged Man card of the Tarot as he was found hanged in his closet(a nod to his homosexuality perhaps). Instead of regurgitating all the reasons why I think this, here’s a great research article into the occult behind McQueen’s work:

“When I’m dead, hopefully this house will still be going. On a spaceship. Hopping up and down above the earth.” -Alexander McQueen in LOVE


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