A Powerful New Moon in Scorpio


The Sabian symbol for this transformative New Moon is Scorpio 25: An X-Ray Photograph Helps With the Diagnosis

All New Moons plunge us into the dark Void from whence we can emerge anew bursting with the rising light of dawn. This one is the Mother of all Dark Moons as it is in Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth. This is the New Moon to peer deeply within our very core, even if we are afraid of what we may find. Facing up to the slumbering pain and feelings of doubt and fear, we can defeat them by Knowing them first. We can use this time for deep transformative healing and reformation, clearing away the dust of old to arise again with the renewed passion and purified vision of a future we are to seed.

Scorpio is also symbolized by the Phoenix which consumes itself in flames before emerging stronger and fiercer than before. A good way to fully utilize this powerful New Moon is through a ritual, especially one involving fire. Focus all the things you’d like to rid yourself off into an object such as a stick or write it all out on paper, then burn it.

May luck be with you on your Soul’s journey. Use this Time wisely…



    • sibyleyes

      Indeed! With the Sun in Scorpio, your identity is about to go through a transformation and rebirth. Also look at your astro chart for other houses that Scorpio falls in to better anticipate the coming changes. Best of luck!

    • sibyleyes

      Hey Shannon! A moon in scorpio reveals a very deep yet hidden emotional nature. I would have to look at a chart to see how that would manifest for you, as in what house it is in and also how it is aspected by other planets and angles.

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