Overview of the recent Cosmic happenings..

The newly discovered comet Lulin has synced perfectly with the psychic Pisces new Moon on February 24th, when it reached its closest point to Earth.

The comet is rather rare for this is its first trip in our galaxy and portends the arrival of new spiritual forces. It is a glowing green color, the same as our heart chakra, the spiritual center of human emotions and love. chakra4heart3It is also shedding “nearly 800 gallons of water each second”, once again water being the element of love and of Pisces. And if that wasn’t enough, this comet has two tails once again mirroring the two fish of Pisces! pisces4This cosmic visitor surely came at the right time and it will further accelerate the psychic connections between us all.

And to backtrack a bit, last month the Chinese New year was heralded with a powerful Aquarius new moon solar eclipse on Jan 26th followed by its partner full moon lunar eclipse in Leo on February 9th. Solar eclipses are in effect the span of years that they lasted in hours, this one being more than 3 hours will have an impact well into 2012. Lunar eclipses generally have an effect for several months.


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